Once you register; an email would be sent to you for confirmation. You must confirm the account.

The confirmed credentials are verified at the time of installing TAD and also at the time of using.

When TAD starts the very first time; it would detect that your credentials have not yet been verified. You would be asked to provide credentials to verify that you are indeed a registered user. Filling the registration form also gives you an install code which is needed for the installation.

Please ensure that you do a proper Registration first! Also, do not skip the verification email sent to your email address. Your email MUST be confirmed in order to use TAD.

Once you have registered, this is what you should do when you start TAD in the dialog that is shown to you:

If you are registered at our own TAD Community Chat
Provide the email address and the password that you used for your account at the TAD Community chat.

The following is not yet active. Testing is going on
If you are registered at the externally hosted Zulip system for TAD
Provide the email address you used at Zulip. And , MOST importantly, in the field which asks for the password, provide the API Key that for your Zulip account. Do NOT give the password you used at Zulip. The API Key is available from your account settings at Zulip.

The same process of verifying your credentials would happen once every few weeks (approx once a month)

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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