Pssst… if you already have Mattermost TAD Community Chat account, you can continue to use it till October 31, 2020. You can continue to use that method (i.e. using credentials you set at Mattermost) to authenticate yourself whenever asked in TAD However, if you plan to upgrade then the new installer will insist that you have a Discord teamTAD community account

From Version we have done away with the authentication when you run TAD Designer Lite the very first time. Instead, the installer does all the checks and lets you use the software straightaway for next 30 days.

After installation, once in 30 days; the software will again authenticate you with your membership at Discord based teamTAD Community. This wont happen automatically. You need to run the software, and if 30 days has passed it will re-authenticate you. Don't worry, it is still free. It is being done just to ensure that our statistics on who is using the software is properly updated. Earlier we were getting a lot of robotic downloads and false usage stats.

You not only need an account at Discord. But you also need to be enrolled into the TeamTAD “server” there (They use the term “servers” to denote various communities there, for reasons best known to them) One important advantage for you is that once you join Discord, there are many other popular communities there where you could join. But that is your personal choice.

If you do NOT have an account at Discord or you have not yet joined our community; click this invitation link and join our teamTAD community there:

We have integrated the very first Discord community based authentication inside the installer itself. What follows is when you need to authenticate from within TAD Designer Lite (which happens once every 30 days or so)

Video tutorial
This video explains how you can authenticate from within TAD Designer Lite when you run it. If you prefer a video instead of reading below to guide you… here it is: (You can skip reading rest of this topic!)

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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