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 +TAD handles //extrusions// directly and easily. Just specify a level and a height; and it will create the desired extrusion. 
 +For complex geometries; you would need to //substitute// some part of the object or the whole object itself using some special instructions. 
 +Currently, a //hip-roof// can be created on any volume on the site.  Follow the instructions here carefully 
 +  - Say you want to create a hip-roof over an object called "chajja" 
 +  - Firstly, ensure that it is made in //anti-clockwise// fashion. If you are not sure, you can right-click on that object name in the list of names of objects (usually at the top left of the screen) and then use //Remake shape  anti-clockwise//  
 +  - Now create an outline (let's call it "p") within the shape of //chajja//. Say at a distance of -0.25 (Minus, means the outline is created //inside// the shape) This will become the //constructor plane// around which the hip-roof would be created for the current object. 
 +  - Make //chajja// once again the current object. i.e. the helpers should be on that shape 
 +   - To do the next step; ensure that   you are able to view the //corner number// of the shape. To do that, open the program settings (Press Ctrl-Enter inside TAD)  and put a check mark on //Show current object name on screen// checkbox 
 +   - Press F3 or F4 till you are sure that the first helper that is on //chajja// is indeed on the zeroth corner of that shape 
 +   - Now briefly return back to the outline shape, p, that you had created earlier. The helpers would get shifted on to that shape. Now again press F3/F4 and make sure that the first helper of //p// is closest to the zeroth corner identified for the chajja. The corner no of //p// is irrelevant. 
 +   - At this point you are sure that both the shapes //chajja// and //p// are aligned and the corners are also in sync 
 +   - Last step: Return the helpers back to //chajja// i.e. make it the current object by clicking on its name in the top-left list of object names. Make sure that you do not shift the helper to any other corner other than the zeroth 
 +   - Now in the creation dialog, select the "Substitutions" tab. Specify the height you want the hip roof to have 
 +   - Before creating the hip-roof, make sure that Chajja indeed is a 3D shape. i.e. it must be visible in the 3D view 
 +   - Now finally create the hip roof and enjoy! 
 +TAD internally checks if all the inclined faces due to the hip-roof are all in the same 3D plane. If not, it will give a message and not create the hip-plane 
 +//**Note** If the current object and the selction are not made anti-clockwise; and/or if the corner of the constructor plane "p" is not properly synced with the zeroth corner of the object;  TAD may contstruct a wrong 3D shape// 
 +There are many variations of the hip-roof that can be tried out -- just use your imagination! 
 +In future; we will be adding more such //substitutions// such as arches and domes. 

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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