You can set separate property specifically for just an object (any object) Often this is not needed , as you would normally set the notes only at the CLASS level or even better at the Project level

If you give it at the project level; then those notes would be commonly available for the entire project; unless you set a different set of notes for a particular class – then that particular class object would get the common notes set for that class.

Or you can be a lot more specific; and just define notes only for a specific object, as in this case.

In short; setting notes are also available thru the OOPs mechanism – which gives a lot of power when using TAD

What are these notes for? They are to be used by all those who work on this project. The purpose is that you can give uniform instructions for your design.

If the value you set for these notes properties (either in Project, Class or object) started with http then TAD would assume that the notes are not here but are kept on a website. So when you select the Show Object Notes sub menu it will open that web site page.

Quite often the Notes property is set to a relevant Wiki page of your project.

In the default TAD file that we bundled in the installation, we have set the field called “NOTES” in its Project properties with the value: so when you want to read the notes it will directly take you to that page – that is just a demo, of course

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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