Shift Helpers in One Direction

The metaphor of the architect in TAD is very useful. You know exactly what is happening where. All dimensions, values etc are based on the location of the architect.

To help this architect we have two helpers. One is red and square – that's the first helper. The second one is a tiny blue circle. These two helpers are always found on two adjacent corners of some object or the other

TAD allows these helpers to be shifted around in two ways. One method would relocate the two helpers in the clockwise direction and the other will do so in the anti-clockwise direction (err… which action would be clockwise? and which anti-clockwise? It really may not matter as such; but the truth is that it depends on how that object was internally constructed. If this worries you, you can reset an object to be clockwise or anti-clockwise thru a context-menu you get when you right click inside the object list)

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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