Authentication via Discord TeamTAD Server

When installing TAD, the installer needs to know what is the Discord Username you had used. From Oct 22, 2020 onward; we have simplified the installation process. When you join our teamTAD Discord community, you would be sent a special I-Code in a few minutes as a private message from our BOT namerd tadmainbot. You should use that I-Code in the installer; and the installation will proceed smoothly.

If for some reason; you are unable to get or read the I-Code or if our tadmainbot did not send it to you, please click here and provide the details. The I-Code will be shown in the browser itself.

The explanation given below is no longer required during installation However, for some other authentication activities, you may need to perform the steps explained below

NOTE: If you want to authenticate using the old Mattermost based chat community registrations, instructions are here. We are phasing out that community on October 31, 2020

IMPORTANT: Please read this migration note, if you had registered at Mattermost earlier

From Version we have introduced a new way to authenticate yourself when using TAD. This method requires you to be a user of Discord. What is Discord? It is a massively popular, free community and chat system. Thousands of communities there! We are also there! Click this invitation link and join our teamTAD community there: (Tell others too!)

Step 1
You would need to give BOTH the Discord username that you are currently using there; AND also your Discord User ID.

Now when you begin using Discord, you would obviously know your own username there. But usually Discord will NOT reveal your own User ID to you.

One confusion
To confuse matter; Discord attaches a numeric tag to the username. For e.g. sabufrancis#0139 Please do NOT use that tag as the User ID. We simply do not use the tag at all.

How to get your User ID? Here is a 1 minute video which will explain the process

or you can read instructions at the end of this topic.

So now you have both your Discord username as well as Discord User ID. Give those at the dialog where Step 1 was asked. Then go to the next step.

You will get a private (direct) message from a user named admin.limenleap into your private messages section at Discord. admin.limenleap is the person in charge of the Discord TeamTAD server. That message contains the e-code. Copy that code into your clipboard.

For this step, you should return back to the authentication dialog where you had started. Paste the e-code in the correct input-box there. Then press the next button to authenticate! And you are done!!

Why did we switch?
There is a separate page explaining why we switched from our own Mattermost based chat server to Discord. One major reason is that we simply do not have access to anyone's password. The two step authentication via Discord is effectively like a highly secure OTP (One time use password) system. Though it may be very slightly a cumbersome procedure, it is highly secure for you

Important: Do NOT change your username
TAD internally uses the username you provide as means to protect your data. Though Discord allows you to change your username, it is critical that you do NOT change the username! Because if you do so; then the next time your Discord username is called for, the authentication system may break as it had the earlier username.

How to obtain the User ID at Discord? (if you didn't like the video)
Obtaining your User ID at Discord is easy:

Just login into Discord, and then to your own user settings (the gear next to your name, at the bottom). In the settings, scroll down to appearance and switch on Developer mode. (You have to do this setting ONLY once. It will remember your choice!)

Then you will get a new menu item when you right click on your name in the membership list in Discord (or right click on your own icon name next to any message you had sent) That menu item is called Copy ID Click that and copy it into your clipboard .

We have additional info here if you have time to read!

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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